You Now Get Yourself An Arcade Insert Coin Belt Buckle And Key Chain That Actually Lights Up

Relive your childhood anywhere you go with this Insert Coin Keychain. Today, cabinet-style arcade machines are considered a thing of the past. Modern gaming genres such as handheld game consoles, MMORPGs, and virtual reality games are gradually replacing arcade machines. In fact, major video game companies have stopped manufacturing retro-style arcade machines to make way for modern gaming genres. Although some countries like Japan have been persistently trying to revive the arcade business, America seems to have given up on it to completely embrace the latest game trends. So we can officially say that arcade is dead in most parts of the world.

For us who’ve spent most of our childhood moments playing arcade machines, the revolutionary upgrade is nothing but sad news. Yes, the graphics and the game system of retro arcades aren’t as cool and intricate as the modern ones. But the nostalgic activity of going to our favorite amusement arcades and inserting coins to play is somehow special. And this modern in-home video game system is a total spoilsport. Sadly, we may never play arcade cabinets ever again (unless you go to Japan). And we may never experience the oddly satisfying feeling every time we insert coin into the slot.

arcade slot replica keychain

Well, worry no more because there’s now a keychain featuring the exact replica of an arcade Insert Coin slot. It has the same appearance and the same size of the original ‘coin return button’ in the form of a keychain. Remember that red-colored clear button we incessantly press when we want to get our quarter back? This keychain will surely bring back those old fond memories.

insert coin keychain


insert coin keychain replica

Of course, this Insert Coin keychain is just a replica and it doesn’t actually accept coins. But the red-colored clear button will light up when you push it. Just like the original slot does when your coin successfully goes through. This keychain is made of authentic diecast metal and plastic construction with LED light behind the clear button.

Just press the button to illuminate the keychain, it has an auto shut-off feature that turns the light off after 15 seconds. It is powered by one CR2032 battery located at the back panel. To replace the battery, simply remove the Philips screws to access the battery slot at the back of the keychain.

retro arcade slot replica keychain

We also found a belt buckle version of this keychain. Instead of a key-ring, this Insert Coin Belt Buckle has a D-link at the back that allows you to attach it to the belt. If you want to show off your geekiness then the belt buckle version is the more ideal choice for you. You can also use these replica pieces as ornaments for your desk or your car.

insert coin belt buckle


illuminated belt buckle retro arcade replica


arcade slot replica belt buckle d-link


insert coin belt buckle led light


belt buckle retro arcade replica


arcade slot belt buckle lights up

Get the key chain here and the belt buckle here.

insert coin belt buckle lights up

Get the key chain here and the belt buckle here.