Hostess Has 2 New Delicious Baby Bundt Cake Flavors

We all know Hostess for their iconic Twinkies and Ding Dongs. But their new mini bundt cakes just might have us forgetting about the brand’s classic offerings for a while. Apparently, Hostess has Baby Bundts on the way. And the brand’s mini bundt cakes won’t just come in one, but two flavors. Our on-the-go breakfast options just got two new additions and we are so here for it!

Bundt cakes are perfect for any occasion. The distinct cake definitely makes an exciting addition to any spread. You can make one big doughnut-shaped cake or bake several miniatures of it for any occasion – even breakfast. And now, we can finally indulge on this tasty cake without the fuss and mess. Popular Instagram account @candyhunting wrote that the smaller Bundts were “first announced in Hostess’ Q3 2020 Earnings Investor Presentation as part of their initiative to expand breakfast offerings”.


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Hostess has two snacks on the way

In the presentation, Hostess unveiled that they would be releasing two types of small Bundts. One will have the classic Cinnamon Swirl flavor and the Lemon Drizzle variety will offer bright zesty flavors. The Cinnamon Swirl version consists of mini cinnamon-flavored buns topped with a white icing drizzle. This offering’s flavor and look is very similar to a cinnamon bun, except that it’s a small bundt cake you can bite into on the go. The Lemon Drizzle on the other hand, offers lighter, zestier flavors that should work perfectly in waking you up in the morning or helping you climb out of that afternoon slump.


“Hostess Lemon Drizzle Baby Bunds are the new perfect match to your morning coffee. A sweet twist on a familiar favorite, Lemon Drizzle Baby Bundts offers delightful flavor with a joyful aroma the whole family will love.”



The upcoming Bundts have recently been spotted on Meijer’s website. Neither Hostess nor Meijer have issued any further information regarding the product’s official release or any other additional details. We’re definitely going to be keeping an eye out for when these miniature bundt cakes hit shelves. Then, the only dilemma we’ll have to deal with is choosing which flavor to try first.