The Scorpion Chair Looks Like A Real Life Comic Book Villain Chair

Forget about the Iron Throne chair (sorry GOT fans) because we’ve found the most badass chair in the entire universe. We present to you the Scorpion Chair, the ultimate throne fit for the formidable king (or queen) in you. Just imagine yourself sitting on this splendid chair while exuding a regal aura. That would be a bold statement telling everyone who’s the ruler of the house. And you could just imagine the envious look on your guests’ faces when they see you on this fancy chair.

Designed and created by Russian artist Vyacheslav Pakhomov, the chair features an elegant design in the form of the formidable arachnid. The scorpion’s claws serve as the armrests, the back as the seat, and its curling tail as the massive headrest. Furthermore, the backrest has segmented cushions to resemble the eight-legged crawler’s narrow, segmented tail. It also features the venomous stinger at the end of its curved tail.

scorpion chair black oak wood

The chair is made from premium oak wood with leather-covered cushions for the seat and the high backrest. It measures 6.5 feet tall, 2.6 feet wide and 3.4 feet deep. Of course, this ornate furniture doesn’t come cheap considering its elaborate design. Each chair costs 300,000 rubles (around $4,700) plus shipping fee since the item comes from Russia.

scorpion chair oak wood

If the lavish price is beyond your budget, you can always turn to the cheaper alternative. You can 3D print your own chair and have it for a fraction of the price. If you have a giant 3D printer, you can easily print your own version of this chair with these 3D printable models. This 3D photorealistic version of the chair gives you the exact design based from the original chair. This other 3D model also includes one coffee table along with the chair.

3d photorealistic model scorpion chair side


3d photorealistic model arachnid design side


3d photorealistic model scorpion chair


3d photorealistic model arachnid design front


3d photorealistic model arachnid design


3d photorealistic model arachnid design printable detail


3d photorealistic model arachnid design back


3d model scorpion chair and coffee table


3d model scorpion chair set


3d model scorpion chair coffee table


3d model printable arachnid design

Get the Scorpion Chair here and the 3D printable models here and here.

Source: Rezba Derevo | Turbo Squid