Twinkies’ Have Released A New Mint Chocolate Flavor For The Holidays

Seasonal treats have been coming into stores over the last few weeks and now Christmas is only a few sleeps away. In honor of the holiday, brands have released delicious festive offerings. Between the Oreo Mint Chocolate Chip and Dairy Queen’s new Peppermint Hot Cocoa, it’s pretty clear that winter’s iconic duo is mint and chocolate. And if you think you’ve seen and tasted all that this combination can be, think again! The new Twinkies Mint Chocolate flavor has arrived and we are so into them!

Twinkies don’t need an introduction. Generations love the snack simply because it’s yummy. And when it was discontinued in 2012, people had reason to believe that the world was indeed ending. Fortunately, the snack returned to shelves after a 10-month absence. Since then, the brand has released a slew of exciting new flavors along with their classic offering. And we love them even more for it!


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It’s Review Time! ? To finish of the @hostess_snacks Christmas/Winter trio this year, they have brought us liMINTed Edition Mint Chocolate Twinkies! • • Each holiday @hostess_snacks presents us with an array of different flavored snacks and last but certainly not least of them is the Mint Chocolate Twinkies. This is a step up from last years red dyed twinkies with peppermint filling! Upon retrieving a twinkie from the box and opening it, I was greeted with a strong smell of chocolate from the cake which very moist and spongy as usual, which I love. After taking a big bite I was delighted to see the filling was dyed a beautiful light neon green and had a strong yet fresh minty taste to the filling! The only problem I discovered was that there was basically NO filling in twinkies, they were virtually empty! Since i’m not a big fan of chocolate, I automatically favor last years twinkies and I’m also more of a peppermint fan versus just mint. But these were a great holiday edition and I will definitely finish off this box! 6/10 ??

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The Twinkies Mint Chocolate is the brand’s sweetest holiday offering to date


Instagrammer @junkpickers spotted the seasonal treat at Walmart. The package’s festive elements are hard to miss. A large blue Christmas ornament bears the “li-mint-ed edition” label, while a jolly Twinkie elf gestures to the delicious treat its box holds within. For this holiday season, Hostess has changed up their classic cake for a more delectable version. The Christmas Twinkies Mint Chocolate flavour feature a creamy mint filling encased by a soft, chocolate sponge cake that’ll definitely make a great pre-dinner snack this holiday season!


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@hostess_snacks ((swipe)) I honestly only bought these because it says "liMINTed" and I'm easily amused ? They were actually tasty though! I didn't like the texture of the cake but it tasted like a York or Junior Mint! Strong flavor but not in a bad way.. The color was really pretty too, perfect "mint green" (actually matched the picture on the box) I dunno if I'd buy them again (just not a huge fan of Twinkies in general) but it's pretty fun for the holidays ? Might be fun in/with ice cream, or blended up in a milkshake ? ~ #productreview #review #tastetest #foodiegram #foodiesofinstagram #foodie #food #snackinsoren #snack #snackcakes #twinkies #mintchocolate #chocolatemint #holidays #limitededition #liminted #hostess #yummy #sweets #mint #mintgreen #mintchocolatetwinkies #twinkiethekid

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Mint Chocolate Twinkies

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The special Twinkies mint chocolate flavor are available nationwide. However, the product appears to be slowly trickling into the market instead of taking the stores altogether. Walmart has listed it on their online catalog for $2.86 per box. You can check if the product is available in your area as well. We’re definitely stocking up on these yummy treats… will you? Get the mint chocolate Twinkies while supplies last here!