Bacardi Have Released A Coquito Filled With Vanilla And Cinnamon That’s Ready-To-Drink For The Holidays

‘Tis the season for boozy drinks and this is the perfect time to celebrate with our favorite holiday cocktails. We have a new reason to rejoice because Christmas just got merrier as the new Bacardi Coquito Coconut Cream Liqueur got released. Now, imagine yourself sipping a creamy coconut rum cocktail. Best Christmas ever!

The limited-edition Bacardi features a creamy blend of white rum, coconut cream and toasted spices with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s definitely the taste of the yuletide season. Coquito is a traditional Christmas drink that originated from Puerto Rico. This coconut-based liqueur is also referred to as the ‘Puerto Rican eggnog’ due to its similarity to the American milk punch.

bacardi coquito

So, there are many ways to enjoy the new coconut Bacardi. You can use it to make Tres Leches cakes, pour it over ice cream or add to your coffee as a creamer. Or you can just enjoy it as it is, with without ice. However you prefer, you can never go wrong with its intoxicating creaminess.

puerto rican eggnog


bacardi coquito coconut cream liqueur

Bacardi Coquito contains 13% ABV with a distinctive silky coconut flavor that embodies the Caribbean culture and holidays. It comes in a 75cl bottle and is available in selected grocery and liquor stores in the US. You can also get this festive holiday drink here. Take note, this limited-edition cocktail will only be here for the holidays. So we may as well stock up while they last. Have a very merry Christmas everyone!


Source: Bacardi