Make The Perfect Brew For Your Loved One With This Clear Heart-Shaped Mug

Express your love to your special someone every morning with this heart shaped cup. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like serving your partner a nice cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Not to mention, the bonding you share as you both enjoy your morning caffeine which is absolutely priceless. Now you can add another level of sweetness to every morning with the most romantic teacup we’ve ever seen.

This fully transparent cup is made with high boron silicon glass. Each handmade glass is glazed bright with NO antimony, aluminum, lead or other chemical elements that could harm the body. This doubled-wall glass features an ornamental design with a smooth wide mouth and the internal shape is of a heart. So, when you fill it with tea or coffee, the content takes the form of the cup’s internal shape.


Clear Heart-Shaped Mug For Tea And Coffee

heart shaped cup

This 240-ml cup has a good thermal stability and resistance to cold temperature. It can withstand instant temperatures from -20 °C up to 180°C. Hence, you can use it for hot and cold beverages. You can take it out from the refrigerator and pour in boiling water immediately without cracking. Plus, its double-walled design keeps beverages hot or cold for much longer by not allowing heat or cold to escape.

heart shaped cup for tea


double-walled glass resistance to heat and cold


heart shaped cup for coffee


unique teacup clear glass

This handmade cup measures 3.77 inches x 3.74 inches x 2.04 inches. To maintain the crystal clear glass, we suggest hand washing it in flowing water. Although the glass is heat resistant, avoid putting it in microwave or oven because the air between the two-layered glass may cause it to blow up under extreme high temperatures above 180°C. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“My husband is a bit of a coffee snob, and only likes to use double-walled insulated coffee glasses. So I knew this unique heart shaped glass would be the perfect gift for him. I left the glass and a little love note by his espresso machine on Valentine’s Day morning, and he loves the surprise!”

heart-shaped teacups


full transparent two-layered glass


heart-shaped teacup


heart-shaped clear glass for coffee and tea


double walled glass unique


heart shaped cup clear glass

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