Movie Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed

When watching a movie the director wants you, the viewer, to be in suspension of disbelief so that you can get into the story, and not question the fact that some of it might not be plausible. But, what makes this difficult is when you see a mistake that makes it obvious that this is a movie, and not real life. Of course, many of us are so engrossed in the plot and with the characters that we don’t even notice these kinds of continuity errors. Did you know that every movie has a specific crew member who’s job it is to stop mistakes from happening. But, as with anything, human error does occur, so you’re sometimes left with these kinds of faults in movies that can be infuriating! Take a look at these 13 movie mistakes that you may not have noticed!

Are you the sort of person that never notices movie mistakes, or do you gleefully point out every tiny continuity error you spot?

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