Christmas Tree Hairstyles Are Fast Becoming A Holiday Trend

It would be nice to celebrate the holiday season by bringing along the fancy Christmas trees wherever we went. This Christmas Tree hairstyle allows you to do just that. By styling your hair in the form of a tree, it makes it possible to build a Christmas tree on top of your head. You can decorate the hair with garlands, baubles and Christmas lights so, you can have your own personalized Christmas hairstyle.

As expected, the Christmas hairstyle has become an instant hit on social media and it has become the hottest trend for the holiday to.


christmas tree hairstyle
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Not just for ladies, even men (with long hair) can also slay the Christmas Tree hairstyle too


Be the star of all Christmas parties by showing off your marvelous festive hairstyle. Give it a try and join the latest craze by posting your very own style on Instagram.


People keep asking how to style their hair to look like a festive tree. Can’t really blame them because who wouldn’t want to flaunt this attention-grabbing hair? YouTuber Natasha Lee created a video tutorial demonstrating how to create a glorious holiday tree made out of your own hair.



In order to achieve that towering tree, you’ll need very long hair to start with. Then you’ll need a large plastic bottle to support your ‘tree hair’. Simply pull up the hair and style it around the long bottle to achieve the tree’s conical shape. Of course, you’ll also need a lot of extra hold hairspray to keep the hairstyle in shape. Once the tree is set, you can proceed decorating it with glimmering ornaments such as baubles, garlands, fairy lights and ribbons. Then finish it up with a star topper to complete your holiday tree.