These Dachshund Garden Benches Are Every Sausage Dog Lovers Dream Addition

Dachshund, wiener dog, badger dog, sausage dog, whatever you want to call them, we know you love them. And if you’re one of those who are obsessed with this adorable canine breed then we’ve got something for you. We’re sure you already have the sausage dog pool float and the wiener dog ice cube mold by now. But, if you’re looking for a new addition to your collection then you should include these wiener dog garden benches on your wishlist.

A fantastic way to express your love for these dogs is with this decorative bench that also gives you a perfect spot to take a seat in your garden. This bench takes after the breed’s fascinating characteristics of having short legs and a long body. It features an elongated design that forms the bench and short yet strong legs that form the support. Of course, it comes complete with wide, droopy ears, prominent breastbone and short tail which are typical of this breed.


Dachshund Garden Bench

American online retailer Wayfair presents a range of wiener dog garden benches that will add a unique touch of style into your lawn. You can choose from four different options. grey polystone wiener dog bench


Grey Polystone Garden Bench

The first one is this eclectic polystone bench made with artificial stone. This bench features a textured finish with a grey stone-like look to it. It measures 28 inches tall, 57 inches wide and 12 inches deep weighing 4.3 pounds. This sturdy bench has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.grey polystone dachshund garden bench


grey polystone dachshund bench


Blue Stone Dachshund Bench

The second one is a smaller version measuring 23.5 inches tall, 34 inches wide and 11 inches deep. But unlike the first one, this bench is real stone with a distressed look. It weighs 15 pounds and features a blue finish.

blue stone wiener dog garden bench


Brown Cold Cast Stone Wiener Dog Bench

The third one is available in two sizes: small (22 inches tall and 32 inches wide) and large (26 inches tall and 59 inches wide). The small size weighs 22.8 pounds while the large size weighs 39.1 pounds. Both sizes are heavy duty cold cast stone in a brown finish. The small size has a weigh capacity of 300 pounds. And the large size can sustain up to 500 pounds of weight.

brown cast stone dachshund bench


Brown Polystone Sausage Dog Garden Bench

The last one is made from polystone in brown finish. It measures 25 inches tall, 55 inches wide and 10 inches deep weighing 32 pounds. Regardless of what you choose, all these benches serve the dual purpose as a comfy seat and as garden décor. You can also place them in the patio of your home and even indoors.

brown polystone wiener dog bench


brown polystone dachshund bench


brown polystone sausage dog bench

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