Aldi Have Banana Fudge Bomb Pops And They Taste Amazing

What’s the popsicle flavor you like that most people might find odd? With thousands of popsicle choices available to us every day, it really won’t come as a surprise when you find an unusual flavor combo that just clicks with your palate. Take for example the Banana Fudge Bomb Pop. This flavor’s been out for a while now. And it’s clearly become a favorite among the brand’s customers.

Initially, the Banana Fudge flavor was exclusively available for purchase from ice cream trucks. But that all changed in 2016, when Bomb Pops made the treat more accessible by releasing them to the freezer aisles of retailers. This development certainly made securing a banana fudge-flavored pop easier.


Aldi is selling Banana Fudge Bomb Pops

For the uninitiated, the Banana Fudge Pops consist of a banana-flavored fudge layer sandwiched between two chocolate fudge layers. And you can choose to grab the tasty treat individually in either 3.75oz or 1.75oz sizes. It also comes in a 12-count box, if you’re stocking up your freezer. The 3.75oz pop packs 130 calories while the 1.75oz pop has 160 calories. But if you’re looking to enjoy these tasty banana and fudge-flavored popsicles without worrying about your figure, the popsicles in the 12-count box only have 60 calories apiece.


Instagram user @adventuresinaldi couldn’t contain their excitement when they spotted the Banana Fudge Pops. They spotted the tasty treats at the ‘special buy freezers’ in the Aldi location they visited. “I really like a good banana & chocolate combo,” the user wrote. Aside from Aldi, they’re also available at other stores including Walmart, Safeway and Smart & Final, or via Instacart. You can use Bomb Pop’s store locator to see which retailer carries this flavorful frozen treat. We sure love a reason to go bananas over at the freezer aisle!