You Can Get Inflatable Ocean Pools That Close-Off An Area Of A Lake Or Ocean For Swimming

Don’t let your fear of jellyfish prevent you from enjoying the ocean. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting jellyfish stings or getting in contact with other icky creatures underneath the water. These inflatable Ocean Pools give you your own instant pool right in the ocean or in a lake while keeping fishes, jellyfishes and other sea critters away. So, you can swim to your heart’s content without any worry.

These inflatable pools provide an enclosed area that you can easily set up right in any body of water. They feature tightly woven netting to keep out even the smallest jellyfish or unwanted sea life. The bottom mesh lining also allows water from the ocean or lake to fill up the pool. It provides an 8-feet deep mesh enclosure so you and your friends can enjoy swimming in the water.


Inflatable Ocean Pools

inflatable ocean pools

Its large border also serves as a usable lounging space while preventing guests from floating away in the current. You can walk around and even place some lawn chairs on the deck area, giving you a nice lounging space when you need to take a break from swimming. The inner sides of these inflatable pools have rope handles to help guests easily get in and out of the pool. It also offers a variety of configurations allowing you to attach it to any swim platform or alongside a yacht.

inflatable ocean pools with large deck


inflatable ocean pools deck grab handles

These Ocean Pools come in two different sizes. The smaller one measures 13 feet by 13 feet weighing 176 lbs and the larger one measures 16 feet by 20 feet weighing 228 lbs. The smaller one can accommodate up to 8 people while the larger version can hold up to 10 people. Both versions are made from commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material with high-density Drop-Stitch core.

inflatable ocean pools with mesh enclosure


aquaglide water enclosure side attachment


aquaglide swimming enclosure with bottom netting

We also found another version called Sea Pools. This version is only available in one size (16 feet by 16 feet). In addition to its grab handles and ropes on the sides, the Sea Pool comes with a stair that can be attached. So, guests can stand up and walk out of the water and into the pool. Just like the Ocean Pools, this version is also made from denier PVC with Drop-Stitch construction. It also features non-slip materials, hot air welded seams and rot-resistant netting.

sea pool attached to a yacht


funair sea pool lounging area


sea pool with bottom mesh enclosure


sea pool attached to a yacht deck platform


sea pool deck platform


funair sea pool with mesh lining


Watch the Sea Pool in action on the video below

Source: crs4rec | funair