Fart Pills Exist And They Make Your Gas Smell Like Beautiful Flowers And Yummy Chocolate

Nothing is more embarrassing than letting out an explosive stinky fart in public. Save yourself from utter humiliation by taking in this fart pill that makes farts smell good. Farting is a natural process that allows our body to release gas. But not all farts smell the same. There are those that have a subtle odor while there are those that are excessively smelly. So, what really contributes to a very stinky fart? There are certain factors that may affect its odor.  Some foods (particularly with high sulfur composition), digestive disorders, and certain medications can make fart smells so bad. Is there a way to deodorize stinky gas?

pilule pet fart pill violet

Fart odor neutralizer such as the charcoal underwear pad has been around for some time. However, these pads can only filter slight odor and may not effectively neutralize strong stench. In order to change the odor of the gas, the product has to work inside the gut where everything takes place. For this reason, the fart pill by Pilule Pet was formulated to work from the inside to naturally modify the smell of digestive gases. The innovative fart pill was conceptualized by a 65-year-old French inventor Christian Poincheval. These pills are made of 100% natural ingredients such as fennel, seaweed and blueberries and the formulation has been approved by French health authorities.

Christian Poincheval introduces a pill that can make fart smells good

christian poincheval fart pill inventor

What’s more, you can choose from different scents of your choice. The Lily of the Valley scented fart pill makes your fart smelling fresh and floral. Another floral option is the Violet scented pill that will give your fart a sweet powdery, woody-floral scent. It is also available in Rose scent to give you that typical rose scent for a fart. Aside from the floral scents, the Pilule Pet is also available in Ginger and Chocolate scents. The Ginger scented pill will give your fart a peppery sharp, aromatic smell. And the Chocolate scented pill will give a rich velvety, sweet smell of chocolate for a fart.

“I have all sorts of customers. Some buy them because they have problems with flatulence and some buy them as a joke to send to their friends. Christmas always see a surge in sales,” Poincheval said.


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It comes in a bottle containing 60 pills. Just take two pills, three times a day before meals.  Get your bottle of Pilule Pet here or on Amazon. So, you can say goodbye to stinky farts and say hello to fragrant flatulence. And yes, you can also give it as gag gift to your friends for the coming Halloween and Christmas. They’ll be surprised to see how these pills would change their lives.