The Bloody Eyeliner Make-Up Trend Is Back For Halloween And It’s Creepier Than Ever

This year’s Halloween make up trend is a glamorously gory take on the much beloved eyeliner. Most of the time, spooky costumes consist of elaborate details. But this year, the beauty community has taken an everyday eye makeup and added a dash of gore. Bloody eyeliner is sure to make you drop dead gorgeous on the night of witches!  In the first place, eyeliner is already an important makeup as it can add an effortlessly dramatic impact to any look. It’s been around for ages, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Halloween and makeup go hand in hand. Without makeup, you’d never be able to transform into your scary alter ego! Lately, we’re seeing a lot of posts on Instagram from professional and self-taught makeup artists with their own twisted take on the bloody eyeliner concept, and the results are blood-curdling.

Bloody eyeliner is the visual representation of “Killer Look”.

It looks as gory as it sounds, right? Just the sound of it gives us heebie-jeebies. This Halloween look creates the illusion that your winged eyeliner’s been carved onto your skin. Or that your flick was so sharp it cut you. Just visualizing that is enough to make someone throw up. It’s simultaneously one of the most disgusting and gorgeous things we’ve seen. We’re utterly amazed, we’re scared, we’re bewitched by this look!

It’s already a perfect Halloween costume by itself. But of course you can add this trick to realize your most abominable aspirations. Give them something to look at. These gruesome gazers will be embedded on the memory of everyone who sees it.

It’s a totally macabre play on women’s struggle to achieve perfectly symmetrical flicks.

Bloody Eyeliner Humor

All women can relate.It’s a terribly crucial and frustrating part of any woman’s make up routine. This is an unspoken rule in the beauty community. It’s a sin to walk out of one’s home with uneven eyeliner flicks! A woman would rather be late than have asymmetrical wings on her eyes.

Halloween make up is all about fun and creativity.

The great thing about this trend is that it doesn’t have  to come out perfect. The flicks don’t have to be perfectly identical or symmetrical. It’s all about drips, spatters, and jagged lines. Although this look obviously is not for the faint of heart, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. Part of the Halloween fun is the process of brainstorming and creating your costume, after all.

What kind of makeup does this look need?

Ladies, it’s time to channel your inner Hallow-Queens. The season for all things spooky, creepy, and downright disgusting is here. It’s time to add special effects makeup in your arsenal. For this reason, makeup artists are purposely disfiguring themselves and getting us in the spooky spirit. Of course, you can too.  All it takes is a bit of fake blood and a really wild creativity. To achieve this nightmarish look, we’ve selected a couple of top Halloween makeup choices.

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Now that you’ve seen this Halloween’s makeup trend, would you try it?