BBC’s Dracula Billboard Confuses People In The Day But Comes Alive At Night

BBC opened the New Year with a fang by releasing the new series Dracula. The three-episode series premiered on January 1, 2020 which was broadcast over three consecutive days. And if you love the show then the Dracula shadow billboard will surely impress you more. A clever advertising campaign is necessary to ensure the success of a product, service, event or show. Aside from making catchy trailers, TV networks often heavily rely on posters and billboards to promote their shows. And when it comes to brilliant billboards, BBC is undoubtedly winning.

The network’s creative team came up with the billboard which is very clever marketing. The billboards were found at bustling intersections in London and Birmingham. And they definitely caught the eyes of everyone who passed by. During the daytime, people found the sign confusing. On the billboard actual stakes are on the surface complete with dripping blood from the gashes. The stakes somewhat relate to the show since vampires can be killed by a stake through the heart. Furthermore, the billboard also has a wooden stake in glass that reads “In Case of Vampires, Break Glass”.

dracula shadow billboard
BBC Creative

If that wasn’t brilliant enough, you’ll need to wait until the sun goes down to see the magic behind it. At night, the stakes cast a shadow that look extremely familiar to us – Dracula’s head. As the sky gets darker and darker, the shadow becomes more and more visible. Take a look at the time-lapse photos below to see how the billboard reveals its biggest mystery

time lapse photo bbc creative daytime
BBC Creative


time lapse photo bbc creative team daytime
BBC Creative


time lapse photo bbc creative afternoon
BBC Creative


dracula shadow billboard afternoon
BBC Creative


time lapse photo bbc creative dark
BBC Creative


dracula shadow billboard at night
BBC Creative


clever advertising bbc
BBC Creative


dracula shadow billboard stakes cast shadow
BBC Creative


Watch it in action

As for the show, people have been very excited about its release because it was written and produced by the same team that brought us Sherlock and Doctor Who. Unfortunately, Dracula fell short of expectations. One of the reasons is the fact that horror is not the most suitable genre to start the New Year. Or it might simply because the team’s previous successful works just set the bar so high. Just like the show, the billboard also received mixed reactions from the viewers.



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Source: BBC Creative