This Pool Float Is Great For Parents Who Have More Than 1 Child

Kids love to splash around in a pool or the ocean. And summer is the perfect time to let them spend the hot days in the water. Parents are fully aware of the dangers lurking in the water. Either way, it’s still essential to give our kids an enjoyable pooltime that they deserve. But keep in mind that water safety is still of utmost importance. Now, the real challenge arises when you have more than one kid to attend to. Keeping an eye on two energetic tots while in the pool isn’t just stressful but risky as well. Now, parents can feel at ease with the help of this dual baby pool float that can hold not just one but two kids at a time.

poolmaster mommy and us dual baby pool float rider

Poolmaster introduces the Mommy & Us Dual Baby Pool Float Rider. And this is not your ordinary pool float. It features two deep-pocket seats for your kids which provide secure sitting comfort while you snuggle up close through the split-ring opening. The float is made from 10-gauge vinyl, making it extremely durable and very flexible. It measures 46 inches wide and 43 inches long, with ample room for those little legs to kick around in the water. Each deep-pocket seat provides a weight capacity of up to 40 lbs each, making it ideal for ages 8 – 24 months.

poolmaster dual baby pool float rider

Additionally, the float includes a large center bin to hold all sorts of baby essentials such as sunscreen and water toys. To make pooltime more exciting, the float also comes with a four inflatable sea creature toys for free. Let your little ones enjoy the summer in the pool while keeping your mind at ease with this dependable swimming aid.

The Mommy & Us Dual Baby Pool Float Rider has two deep-pocket seats for the little ones and a half-ring opening for the adult

mommy and us dual baby pool float rider

“This is an awesome tube. Well made and worth the money. Been using it for my twin toddlers this summer and it’s been so helpful in keeping them safe in the water.”, one satisfied buyer shares.

dual baby pool float rider poolmaster

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