Grab Yourself Some Unicorn Magic With These New Nestlé Morsels

It’s 2019 but the unicorn craze, which started in 2017, still prevails up to now. The unicorn fashion trend and unicorn makeup fad are consistently in style. But why are millennials so obsessed with this mythical creature? Bright, glittery, rainbow colors offer the fantasy fulfillment  that we crave for. In other words, unicorns embody the fantastical world that we could only dream of. Fashion and toy industries are not the only ones diving into the unicorn trend but the food industry as well. Unicorn-inspired frappuccinos and cakes are becoming the rage recently. Now, Nestlé Toll House is keeping the trend alive and stronger than ever with the new Unicorn Morsels.

nestle toll house unicorn morsels vanilla

These dessert chips are made with real vanilla featuring pink and blue swirls, just like the colors of the mane of a unicorn. Now you can add a magical twist to your favorite brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, and many other treats. It also includes a recipe for the Unicorn Magic Sugar Cookies at the back of the package. You can follow the easy-to-bake recipe to create something new or you can transform your usual creations into enchanting treats.

nestle toll house unicorn morsels vanilla recipe


nestle toll house unicorn morsels side



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Unlike real unicorns, the Nestlé Toll House’s Unicorn Morsels are actually easy to find and capture. You can buy these yummy vanilla chips on Walmart’s website for $2.97 per pack. If you can control yourself from the temptation of eating them all before the baking process, you can put about 10 morsels in one cookie. Make your everyday treats more appealing and more delicious with these colorful Unicorn Morsels.