There’s A Heated Folding Chair That’s Perfect For Camping And Keeping Your Backside Warm

The chilly winds of fall are starting to blow in. And you know what that means: it’s time to go camping and tell spooky stories around the campfire! So it’s time to break out your trusty camping chair. But if you’re looking to up your comfort level while basking in the great outdoors, this heated camping chair is right up your alley! With this heated chair, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your cardigan when you go hang out outside! This chair is POP Design’s latest addition to their heated seat collection. It’s the camping chair you probably never thought you needed.

POP Design first wowed heated chair fans with heir heated bleacher set. However, bleachers aren’t exactly the easiest things to bring on trips. So now POP Design is packing the heat in a more compact and convenient package in the form of their Heated Portable Chair! This awesome Heated Portable Chair looks just like one you’ve already got at home. But it will feel a lot different. It’s the perfect chair to bring on your camping trips, picnics, and even when you just want to watch a sporting event on a chilly day!

POP Design Hot Seat the Heated Camping Chair
POP Design


You’ll never sit outside the same way again with this heated camping chair

A USB-chargeable internal battery powers this heated chair. You can turn up the heat with a simple push of its power button located on the chair’s side. Once the chair’s heating mechanism is activated, you can sit back and enjoy the comforting warmth emanate from the chair and onto your body. The chair is capable of heating up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 44 degrees Celsius.

You can control the heat level by using the chair’s heat level switch that offers low, medium and high heat. Then, you adjust the back of the folding chair so you can lie back and just take a moment if you need to. Who could possibly resist a warm reclining chair after an exhausting day?

Heated Camping Chair integrated heating detail
POP Design


Heated Camping Chair heat level control
POP Design


This chair is the coziest folding chair you’ll ever have

We’ve been told that sitting too much is bad for our health. But we’re pretty sure POP Design’s heated chair is the exception. Their ‘hot seat’ will apparently help keep “the blood moving to the extremities to allow you to enjoy all the activities with more comfort during season”. And the heat from the chair can also help relieve your muscles after long periods of activity or inactivity.

But most importantly, this portable, heated folding chair eliminates your need to bring extra items like portable heaters or extra blankets. The camping chair lessens the load you have to carry while helping you maximize your bonding time with friends and family. How cool is that?

easy fold and go hot seat
POP Design


It’s made to be convenient and comfortable for a long time

The portable, heated camping chair is made with high-density foam padding for maximum comfort and back support. Then, its extra-large armrests also help in preventing back fatigue. And yet, despite being fitted with high-density foam and having extra-large armrests, the chair is surprisingly lightweight and portable at just 11lbs. Then, all you’ve got to do is to lift or press the quick-release lock to fold or unfold your chair. Naturally, the heated folding chair comes with an extra-large shoulder carry case for efficient packing!

heated folding chair accessories
POP Design

And since this “Hot Seat” is made for outdoor use, POP Design used 600DPE Polyester to make it waterproof. You also won’t need to worry about its legs folding or corroding. The legs are made with powder-coated ½ inch (15mm) steel tubing. With sturdy, high-quality materials in place, the Hot Seat can support up to 300lbs. The chair also has storage pockets where you can stow away your things. It comes with an easy access phone sleeve, zipper pocket for your valuables, a spacious back pocket and a double front compartment.

heated camping chair pocket add-ons
POP Design


The Hot Seat also comes with a mesh cup holder to keep your drink safe. Each chair comes with a 2-year warranty so you can rest easy. Get yours today!

Source: Amazon