This Electric Heated Driving Blanket Will Keep You Nice And Toasty On Your Morning Commute

Colder weather is coming our way. But don’t let the frost bite and keep yourself toasty with this electric heated driving blanket. When we’re driving on the road, we want to feel comfortable as much as possible. However, when frigid winter is at its peak, even the heat from our car vents just isn’t enough to keep us warm. If adding a heated seat still isn’t enough then this blanket is probably what you need.

This cozy 12-volt heated blanket plugs into the cigarette lighter port in any car, truck, SUV or RV. It is made of super soft polyester that helps wick moisture and provides warmth on cold days. Furthermore, the blanket is filled with a thin wire that wraps around the inside. The wire is connected to a 96-inch long cord that is plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket. When plugged into the outlet, the cord transfers the heat into the internal wire which fundamentally acts as the heater.


fleece travel throw green


electric heated driving blanket green black plaid


Plug the cord into your car’s cigarette lighter socket to heat up the electric blanket

electric heated driving blanket plugs into car cigarette lighter socket

The cord is long enough so even the passengers in the backseat can use it. Additionally, this blanket folds easily. So you can store it in the car trunk or in the backseat without taking up much space. It measures 59 inches long and 43 inches wide, big enough to cover your entire lap and feet.

Plus, it is available in four plaid patterns and one solid color. Plaid patterns are available in colors black/white, orange/brown, red/black, and green/black while the solid color variant comes in blue. Cleaning requires spot clean only as it is not recommended for machine wash.

electric heated driving blanket black white plaid


electric heated driving blanket


electric heated driving blanket with cord

Perfect for vehicle emergency kits and camping, this lightweight travel throw can make an ideal gift for your family and friends this winter season. Get this electric heated driving blanket here to have a cozy road trip despite the bitter cold weather. It also comes in a storage case with handles for easy transport. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I got this as a gift for someone who has trouble staying warm. They really love it and use it all the time. Heated seats can only do so much and this really makes a difference. I was worried about it not getting hot enough or working that well, but so far it seems to be doing really well.”

heated red blanket



electric heated driving blanket red black plaid


fleece travel throw red


fleece travel throw solid color blue


fleece travel throw blue


electric heated driving blanket orange brown plaid


Get yours here.