28 Times Dogs And Cats Destroyed Christmas

Christmas is the season when we can be all festive when it comes to decorating the house. Putting up our magnificent Christmas tree, hanging the fairy lights, wrapping some presents, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, dogs and cats don’t seem to look at Christmas the same way that we do. Yes folks, our adorable furry companions might be related to the Grinch after all. Every single Christmas, they try to bring down our holiday trees, steal the hanging baubles or rip apart those perfectly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

There’s definitely something about the sights and sounds of Christmas that our pets find so tempting. Have that big tree full of shiny baubles right in front of them and you already know what happens. Of course, our pets just can’t control their instincts. So, expect them to try their best to gnaw the fancy ornaments and destroy the entire tree along the way.

” Oh Good, You’re Here. The Tree Just Fainted!”

But the most hilarious thing is, our furry friends know when they’ve done something wrong. Just like kids, they tend to act innocent and awfully strange despite their obvious misdemeanor. If only they’re aware that this act only makes them look guiltier, and ridiculously funny. Let’s admit, we can’t just get mad when these cute destroyers act up like they’re not guilty.

Get ready to have a good laugh as these lovable furballs who destroyed Christmas in a hilarious way. We can’t deny their cuteness and we’re just so thankful that these are not our homes.

“It hasn’t even been up for 3 minutes…”


“My Cat Ripped Open All The Presents Christmas Morning”


My Work Here Is Done


“Dog Jumped In Christmas Tree After Cat”


“I like candy canes”


“It wasn’t me. I swear!”

dogs and cats destroying christmas books chewed up


And It was Delicious


Which Is The Odd One Out?

dogs and cats destroying christmas kitty bauble


“It’s delicious!”

dogs and cats destroying christmas bites tree


“Mom Put Up The Tree And We Helped!”


“So This Cat Helped With The Christmas Decorations…”

dogs and cats destroying christmas topper thief


“Pretend Like Nothing Happened”


“Giant Kitty Destroys Xmas-town”

dogs and cats destroying christmas giant kitty


Cat 1 – Christmas Tree 0


“It’s Not Even Up Yet!!”

pets destroying christmas kitty on top


“And To All A Good Night!”

pets destroying christmas kitty ornament


“Not Sure About This Whole Tree Thing”


“Undressing The Christmas Tree”

pets destroying christmas undressing the tree


“White Catistmas”

pets destroying christmas white catistmas


“Oh Summer My Little Angel”

pets destroying christmas kitty topper


“I Know It Is About Cats And Dogs But I Like Christmas Too!”

pets destroying christmas white parrot


“A Tyrannosaurus In A Nativity Scene”

pets destroying christmas tyrannosaurus


“I Think My Dog Had An Enjoyable Christmas, Don’t You?”


Bengal Bauble

pets destroying christmas bengal bauble


“I Won’t Touch Anything, I Promise :)”

pets destroying christmas kitty invades tree

“Oh! Christmas Tree, Are You Ok?”

pets destroying christmas tree down


“Cat Under Christmas Tree”

pets destroying christmas kitty under tree