These 16 Babies And Dogs Are BFFs And It’s Adorable


Even if you think babies are just the cutest, adding a dog into the mix can only make things more adorable. These 16 babies all have a doggie best friend, and the sight of them interacting is too cute for words. These little guys are lucky to have such loyal and loving buddies, who'll always be there to play with them and comfort them if they've had a bad day. If you need to increase the aww-factor of your day, just take a look at these baby and dog BFFs and get ready for your heart to melt.


"Oh hi, mom. Yeah, we're just chillin'"


This baby and pug duo even share a chair.


"Just one more kiss, baby human."


This sweet boy is protecting his baby as she sleeps.


Sneaking in an extra kiss.


This baby looks ecstatic to be getting hugs from his dog pal.


Someone hasn't got the hang of smiling for photos just. Hint: It's not the dog.


Who needs a crib when you have a dog to snooze on?


The only thing better than having one dog BFF is having two dog BFFs!


More comfortable than a chair!



"Nobody may come near my baby."


"Oh, no! I can't believe we wore the same outfit again. Who's going home to change?"


Just a dog spooning a baby. No big deal.


Okay, all together now: "Awwwwwww!"


This patient pup would give a thousand Barbie rides to keep her baby friend happy.


The cutest hugs ever!


Now you can see why every baby needs their own dog. These interspecies buds are just so precious.