Sarah Deremer Has Created This Series Of Balloon Animals That Look Surprisingly Lifelike


Most of us have had some sort of balloon animal made for us at some point during our childhoods, whether it was by a clown, a magician, some guy on the street, or a family member who picked up the dubious skill somewhere. However, the thing about balloon animals is that you generally have to fill in the gaps and might be unsure whether you're holding a bunny or a baboon. Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Deremer, has created this series of disturbingly lifelike balloon animals. Okay, they aren't really balloon animals, they're digital renderings, but you get the idea! These little guys are furnished with all the trimmings, from somewhat creepy realistic looking eyes to authentic fur or skin patterns. They end up looking like strange hybrids of balloons and real animals in a way that regular balloon animals never do. Check them out!

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What do you think of these creatures? Are they wonderful or a little too weird? Let us know in the comment section below.

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