You Can Now Get Heated Slippers That Also Compress And Massage Your Feet

We’re still halfway through the winter season and during these extra cold days, all we want is to feel warm. And this means having cold feet is a big no-no. No matter how low the temperature drops, we can now kiss goodbye to cold feet with these heated slippers. This pair of booties aren’t just warm but they also massage your feet to. A heater and a massager in one pair of slip-ons, now that’s what we call ultimate relaxation.

The Massaging Heated Therapy Booties have built-in heat, vibration massage and compression to soothe and toast up your feet. These slippers aren’t only good for cold feet but they can also be a therapeutic foot treatment to. These work perfectly for relaxing tight muscles, boosting blood circulation and to relieve tired feet in the comfort of your home. This could really come in handy to soothe worn out feet after a long commute or a rigorous hike.

heated slippers massager


How Do These Heated Slippers Work?

These slippers have a remote with a cord so you can control the temperature which you can set to low, medium or high. Furthermore, you can also choose from three pre-programmed massaging modes featuring three different intensity levels. Simply plug the AC cord, switch on the device through the remote and slide your feet into the plush fleece booties. Set your preferred temperature and vibration massage intensity level. And let the therapy booties treat your cold or worn out feet.

heated slippers

The cord measures 9 feet long so walking with these plugged-in slip-ons is not recommended. For added safety, these slippers come with an automatic shut-off function that turns the device off after 15 minutes. It can fit up to men’s shoe size 12.

Patients with medical conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and gout are advised to consult their doctors before using these therapy booties. Moreover, these therapeutic slip-ons should NOT be used as a substitute for diabetic slippers. Hence, this is not recommended for use by diabetic patients.

massaging therapy booties remote

You can get the slippers from Hammacher to keep your feet toasty all winter long. Also ideal to soothe tired feet and to ease foot pain caused by muscle fatigue. You might also want to check out these heated mittens and heated blankets to keep you all warmed-up this frosty season.

Source: Hammacher