Men Reveal Their Mixed Thoughts On Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that tends to cause a huge stir among people. This is often because people feel so passionately about the topic. Today we’re going to focus on men sharing their thoughts on breastfeeding. As expected, some you are likely to agree with and others, not so much. As annoying as opinions can be, everyone has a right to have their own views. Take a look and see which men you side with and which ones you can’t stand!
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This guy clearly feels strongly on the subject! 

Maybe this guy should just stay at home. 

It would be nice if people could mind their own business. 

What do you think of this suggestion?

This person makes a valid point! 

Telling people to ‘just shut up’ would be lovely at times. 

We totally agree!

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It’s not that hard to differentiate. This person shows how to use logic! 

Here’s a thought… don’t look! A baby shouldn’t have to go hungry to prevent any male or female from feeling ‘bad’. 

When you see the struggles first hand, it’s easier to understand the importance of the subject. 

Good for this guy for standing up for his partner! 

Hmm. Not too sure what to make of this one! 

Using or not using covers is an individual’s choice to make. 

This is a fair enough question. The answer is, how would you feel if every time you were hungry, you had to wait until you got home to eat? This could be hours and hours apart!