Dunkaroos Have Released A Beer Brewed With Cookies, Cream And Sprinkles

Beer cookies, or cookies made with brown ale, are a thing. But a beer brewed with cookies is definitely something new. Booze lovers lost their minds when craft beer maker Martin House Brewing Company released the DunkAbroos Beer. The Texas-based brewery is known for its unusual (somewhat crazy) beers. There’s the Cheetos Beer, Sour Pickle Beer and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Beer, to name a few.

So, when the brewery launched its new Dunkaroos drink, fans of the iconic cookie-and-frosting combo just went wild about it. According to the product description, the ale is brewed with vanilla cookies, vanilla cream and sprinkles. The company reveals that the flavors have been replicated perfectly to make the ale taste exactly like the popular cookies and frosting. The snack that we used to enjoy when we were kids can now be enjoyed in a boozy form. Talk about the perks of being an adult.


The DunkAbroos Beer Is An Ale Brewed With Cookies, Vanilla Cream, and Sprinkles


Just this May, General Mills finally brought back this childhood favorite treat after it was discontinued in 2012. Of course, this made all 90’s kids extremely elated. Now it turns out that we have another exciting way to enjoy our favorite cookies and frosting with the new beer. So, it’s basically having a dessert and a boozy beverage in one. It has 8% ABV and comes in a can in a limited taproom only release. The can features the recognizable blue and purple colors from the original cookie snack packaging. Amusingly, it also includes the kangaroo mascot who looks nothing like the friendly cartoon kangaroo from the original Dunkaroos.









The beer was launched on August 15th in packs of 4. In just a couple of days, stocks have sold out despite limiting each person to up to four 4-packs only. But the good news is, the company promised to bring more stocks next time. The company doesn’t appear to ship their products. So, we’ll need to get them at the brewery and fall in line because everyone has been on the alert for the next release.









Source: Martin House Brewing Company