These Texts From Grandparents Are The Best Things Since Sliced Bread

Many of you reading this will have grandparents who were fairly old when smartphones and the like became the norm to have. So, we cut them some slack for their sometimes painful lack of knowledge. In fact, it’s this confusion and naivety that often ends up creating comedy gold. Here we have a list of hilarious texts from grandparents that will put you in a great mood. These amusing images remind us to love and cherish the wonderful people in your lives whilst they are still around. Take a look! 

This would not be our definition of ‘good’! 

Texts From Grandparents friends keep dying


This is adorable! 

We are curious as to why this was such an urgent matter. Why did grandma need to know so bad? In fact, we don’t want to know! 

Trying to explain technology is often pointless. 

Who doesn’t love an upside down selfie every now and again?

Good to know! This may seem funny but we think that these texts are nice. One day, they won’t be there anymore.

Texts From Grandparents im still alive


This grandma knows how to get down with the youngsters. 

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Brilliant. Don’t you just love grandparents?

We love the mention of money to ensure the reader stays hooked! Clever grandma… 

Imagining your grandparents doing the dirty is even worse than imagining your parents at it! 

Texts From Grandparents shut up shop


This happens to the best of us. Especially after a heavy night of drinking! 

We really hope that grandma has a pet… 

Those coordinates are painfully unhelpful! 

‘Oops silly potato’ LOVE IT! So innocent and grandma like…