14 Times People Got Fired For Posting On Facebook


Freedom of speech is an important principle in any properly functioning, democratic society. We all have a right to express ourselves, and these days, most of us choose to do so on social media, such as Facebook. Yet as the below instances prove, just because we have a right to free speech, it doesn't mean we won't lose our jobs for speaking out… particularly if we forgot we added our boss to our 'friends' list! Check out these 14 times people got fired for posting on Facebook! 


Yup, these tacos pass quality control. Yet despite his innovative methods, this guy was let go.


She forgot she added her boss as a 'friend'!


A Kiwi woman posted on Facebook that she was 'a very expensive paperweight' who is 'highly competent in the art of time wastage, blame-shifting and stationary theft'. She was fired. 


This disgruntled waitress was told to throw in the napkins and leave.



Royal Guards are supposed to be stoic and loyal. So when Cameron Reilly posted that Kate Middleton was a 'stupid, stuck up cow' he was quickly shown the door.


This photo of a guy smoking pot landed him in a sticky situation! Oops.


When a New York teacher posted on his student's wall saying 'Your boyfriend doesn't deserve a beautiful girl like you' he was quickly struck off!


This image of a 'KFC' employee licking a pile of mashed potatoes quickly got her contract mashed, too!



A 'Pittsburgh Pirates' mascot was fired for criticizing the choices of the club's president on Facebook.



This guy was fired from his internship after asking to leave early due to a 'family emergency'. Because soon after, this image appeared on Facebook!


Caitlin Davis, a cheerleader for the 'New England Patriots', was fired after this picture appeared of her next to a passed out friend, who, unfortunately for Caitlin, was covered in racist terms and phallic symbols.


Reddit user 'deathTOimmortals' says he was fired after posting on Facebook about his negative feelings towards his boss and then tagged his boss in the post. Way to go!


Another one who didn't realize they added their boss as a so-called 'friend'.


A UK juror was immediately dismissed after she posted on Facebook that she didn't know which way to go, and then asked her friends to help her decide!

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