15 Brilliant People Whose Creativity Made Them Winners In Life

Life is a game that everyone has to play. In this game of life, some brilliant people emerge as winners while others fail. Playing the game of life can be tough. But if you know how to make your own rules, you can have a great shot at winning. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity and opportunity to become successful in life. Always remember that the key to winning is a creative strategy which you can achieve by basically managing your resources. These brilliant people will show you how to become winners in life.


When you’re too busy at work and you don’t have time to work out, why not do both at the same time?

People can only see as far as their eyes can see.

Riley truly believes that there is beauty in simplicity.

How to make bath time more fun.

Can your regular shoelaces connect your phone to a charger? No? Then replace them with these.

Put those pockets to good use and be a genius like this kid.

Grab handles aren’t for hands only.

The wife is always right, right? But this guy tries his luck to prove it wrong.

If you can’t find a nice white background for a photo, be resourceful.

You know it’s your lucky day when you order a waffle and they put a mountain of whipping cream on top of it.

“I’ve been told I look like the Unabomber. Didn’t want to believe it.”

A guy kept this vintage Pepsi cola bottle and he was glad he did 35 years later.

The contractor says that the cabinet he built can sustain considerable weight. And went on to prove it himself.

Proving a theorem has never been this weird.

Genius yet unappetizing.