This Creepy Abandoned Floating Building Used To Be A Thriving McDonald’s Restaurant

This could have been one of the most awesome locations for a McDonald’s ever. This floating barge which was named Friendship 500 was created for Expo ’86 in Vancouver, Canada. Strangely, after the event ended, so did this fast food restaurant. No one came back to sample the delights of a Happy Meal again.

In 1991 it was moved to Burrard Inlet where it is still anchored to this day, an empty and abandoned hollow shell of a place. Take a look at the photos below to see the state it is now in.

As it used to be.


What it looks like now.


It was such a cool looking place.


How did it fall into such disrepair?


It’s hard to believe this was once a thriving fast food restaurant.


The place has an eerie vibe now.


What a terribly sad sight.


What a mess.


Even the flooring is ruined.


All that’s left are the memories.


Even the windows are broken.


Is there still ketchup left in that box?