You Can Now Get A Helicopter Bed For Kids And I Might Be Slightly Jealous

For us adults, a bed is the best end to a long and tiring day. But for kids, a bed is an an extension of their recreation where their active imagination is still at play. Let your children drift into Adventure Land even in their sleep with this kids helicopter bed. We’ve seen a lot of race car toddler beds for kids who really dream of becoming an F1 driver. But if your child is more into flying than racing then this helicopter bed might be what you’re looking for.

This helicopter bed is handcrafted and custom-made so no two are the same. Its realistic craftsmanship makes it so lifelike that the structure seems ready to take off anytime.  At playtime, your kids can play pilot as much as they want. And when it’s time to hit the sack, they can comfortably use the bed and call it a day. Besides, these young pilots need to rest and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

helicopter kids bed


Your little adventurer will never want to leave their bedroom ever again. This helicopter bed is packed with all the incredible features that they will surely love. The body of the copter serves as the bed which is available in two sizes – single and double. The single size bed can fit mattress size 75 inches x 29.5 inches while the double size fits mattress size 75 inches x 53 inches. For added comfort, the interior is lined with upholstered faux leather on the sides.

kids helicopter bed top deck


What Features Does The Kids Helicopter Bed Have?

Additionally, it features a dashboard located at the footboard of the bed. It comes complete with a joystick, gauges and a USB port to charge your kid’s devices. But that’s not all. The helicopter bed also features a playhouse on top which your child can access through a ladder. The top deck has a seat along with additional switches, buttons and knobs. Moreover, it has a functioning walkie-talkie to make their role-playing more exciting.

chopper design footboard dashboard

It also includes LED lighting on the ceiling along with real directional LED lights on the exterior. Just like a real chopper, this helicopter bed also has landing skids, rotor blades and tail rotor. Plus, it is made of robust steel frame with handcrafted high density foam and resin mold. To achieve a more sophisticated look, the exterior is coated with a high-gloss fiberglass finish.

chopper design realistic

Since this helicopter bed is custom-made, you’ll need to get in touch with the team to discuss necessary details. Take note that the lead time is currently 20 weeks. Send your request now and start making your kid’s dream come true by giving them this bespoke bed.


Source: Dragons of Walton Street