This Little Soup Dumpling Might Be The Most Adorable Night Light We Have Ever Seen

Probably, you can’t sleep while everything around you is pitch black darkness or you can. It’s just that you need some night light to guide you in the dark. Why? Well, who knows you could be sneaking out late for some midnight snack? If that’s you, then you probably want to get for yourself this Soup Dumpling Night Light! Yes, it’s quite cute!

It’s officially called the Little B Dumpling Ambient Light. Smoko, a company that loves to encourage everyone to bring a little fun into your work life, created this admirable little accessory. Made of soft silicone, the Little B is a dumpling-shaped dim light source that strikes a kind of smile that surely warms a heart.

soup dumpling night light

Are you a fan of soup dumplings? If so, check out this super cute Soup Dumpling Night Light!

dumpling lamp

dumpling night light

Not so surprisingly, the dim sum night light has already become a favorite. You can have it and run it on triple-A batteries. Do you know what that means? It means you can place it anywhere you want. Well, we think it would especially be cute if you set it in the kitchen!

Meanwhile, the Soup Dumpling Night Light has an auto shutoff feature. This means it can stretch its battery life!
Source: Smoko