You Can Get A Giant Unicorn Arch Sprinkler For A Magical Fun Time This Summer

The hot summer season is nearly here so it’s best to have everything ready before the heat wave strikes. And if you haven’t got this Giant Unicorn Arch Sprinkler yet then you’re really missing out a lot. You and your kids can now enjoy summer without going out of your garden. If you have a pool, there are several inflatables that you can get to make pool time more exciting. There’s the T-Rex pool floats and the inflatable log flumes to name some few. So you see, there’s actually no need to go to the beach just to have fun this summer.

But what if you don’t have a pool? Getting an inflatable pool would be your best option. But a pool isn’t the only thing that spells F-U-N. The fact is, you can also turn your backyard or your garden into a summer paradise with this giant sprinkler. This oversized sprinkler will surely make summer days outside into a splashing adventure.


Giant Unicorn Arch Sprinkler

giant unicorn arch sprinkler summer toy

This inflatable unicorn sprinkler features a quick release safety valve for speedy inflation and deflation. You’ll need an air pump (not included) to inflate this sprinkler. When fully inflated, it measures around 6 feet tall and 11 feet long. Safe and easy to set up, it features an easy hose connection that fits any standard garden hose. Simply connect it to the water hose to feed its multiple sprayers located to the sides with endless water supply. It also comes with anchors to secure the base plates in place, keeping the arch of sprayers from tipping over.

giant unicorn arch sprinkler


giant unicorn arch sprinkler easy hose connection


water sprayer summer garden toy


water sprayer fun kids summer


water sprayer includes anchor base

The giant sprinkler is made of heavy-gauge PVC for long-lasting durability. Furthermore, its magical design makes it an eye-catching addition to your garden. The arch-shaped inflatable features a charming pink color at the top and fades into purple, blue and green towards the base. Of course, it’s called ‘unicorn’ for a reason. It has a sparkly golden horn along with ears and eyelashes to complete the magical unicorn look. In other words, this is the ultimate summer essential to keep your kids entertained all summer long. One happy buyer wrote:

“My kids loved it! We figured out you have to fill the bottom of each end with water. There is a large hole at the bottom for you to fill. This must be done in order to prevent it from falling over. And make sure it’s completely full of air. Overall a great buy! It was a big hit!”

giant unicorn arch sprinkler horn


summer toy garden accessory


outdoor water toy sprayer

Source: Sam’s Club