30 People Shared Funny Literal Translations And We Can’t Get Enough

If foreign languages catch your interest, then you’ve probably thought of learning one at some point in your life. It would be amazing to communicate with people from other parts of the world wouldn’t it? You should know that it’s not easy. However, it will be a lot of fun and you will come across some funny translations to!

A member of the Facebook group Monolinguals are the worst challenged other members to share some of the funny translations that they know. These translations show that is not easy to learn a language and you will get it wrong sometimes!

Funny Translations Compilation

We’re talking about literal translations here. So, word for word. Some are so hilarious with words that get taken out of context. Others tend to drift away from the original message that the word conveys. If you speak languages other than English, you’d definitely relate to this thread.

Funny Translation for Vegetarian in Irish

Statistics show that most people in the United States only speak one language. Only a small portion, about 15-20 percent, consider themselves as bilingual. Arabic professor Mahmoud Al-Batal, thinks that this makes it hard for Americans to compete on a global scale. Other critics have also linked the state’s monolingual nature on students’ failure to achieve higher levels in foreign languages.

Funny Translation for Pineapple

Being bilingual does have its benefits. These go beyond watching a foreign series or movie without subtitles and ordering off a foreign menu. As a matter of fact, different languages open up more employment opportunities. Employers perceive bilingual employees as valuable assets to the company. Especially multinational companies.

Funny Translation for You're Inexperienced in Japanese

Similarly, understanding another country’s language means understanding their culture as well. This gives a person a better perspective and broader horizon towards the world outside his borders. As a result, this enables him to be a better citizen of the global village.


Get lost in these funny literal translations and make your day a little brighter.

Funny Translation for Whiskey in Irish


Funny Translation for Speed Bump in Croatian


Funny Translation for Shower Head in Spanish


Funny Translation for Sea Anemone in Irish


Funny Translation for Santa Claus in Finnish


Funny Translation for Potato in French


 Popcorn in Persian


Funny Translation for Penis and Vagina in Danish


Funny Translation for Orange in Danish


Funny Translation for Nipple in German


Funny Translation for Mushroom in Bangla


Funny Translation for Monday in Polish


Funny Translation for Ladybug in Croatian


Funny Translation for Ladybug in Chilean Spanish


Funny Translation for Jellyfish in Irish


Funny Translation for I Was Born in 1997 in French


Funny Translation for I Don't Trust You in Azerbaijani


Funny Translation for Hospital in German


Horse in Cree


Funny Translation for Hedgehog in Japanese


 Gloves in German


Funny Translation for Fish in Korean


Don't Count On It in Portuguese


Contraceptive Pills in German


Computer in Icelandic


Bless You in German


Bat in Swedish

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