Some Of The Most Hilarious Translation Fails

Travelling to a different country of different language can be challenging at times, especially if you do not speak their language and they cannot understand yours. To assist English-speaking tourists, most countries often translate their signage into English which is usually found just below or beside the original text.


Nowadays, translating a certain language into English has been made easier by Google Translate. And while we fully understand that some countries are left with no choice but to use Google Translate to convey the message to the tourists, there are still several instances of mistranslations being generated. These translations are so amusingly wrong that tourists can’t help but giggle and scratch their heads in confusion.


Here are some of the funniest translation fails ever captured on camera.

A totally different way to serve ice cream!


Poor chicken…


This one looks like a scrumptious delight. You just have to ignore what it is made of.


I’ve already lost my appetite, just by reading this menu.


Spanish fail…


I wonder what the donkey has to do with this?


 Yes, I won’t!


That carpet must taste like strawberry shortcake.


Beware everyone, keep away from the fire extinguisher!


Have mercy on the sailor!


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