23 Funny Gifts For Women Who Love A Cheeky Swear Word

Are you looking for a funny gift for someone? Perhaps to surprise a special lady in your life? Be it your mother, wife, friend or just a little something for yourself? Well, as long as they or you love a good swear word then we’ve got just the list of funny swear gifts for you!

Whether you’re on the look out for something sweet or just want to decorate the house. Whatever it is, these are sure to turn heads. Take a look at these hilarious gifts and let us know which your favorite was in the comments below.

Tea Cup and Saucer Set

tea cup fucking lovely hilarious gifts

Ethan’s Lunch Money

Get yourself this lovely tea cup and saucer set.

Canvas Tote

hilarious gifts tote bag

The Gingers Boutique

Grocery bags can contain more than simply groceries. So, this tote bag actually makes sense.
Get this grocery bag today.

Fire Oven Mitt

hilarious gifts fire oven mitt

Drop a pinch of humor in the kitchen with this oven mitt. This is definitely one of the most hilarious gifts you could give to your mom. Get your fire oven mitt now.

Mama Needs a Nap Mug

hilarious mothers day gifts nap mug

Wildly Inappropriate

Every mother needs this f*cking mug.

Calm the F*ck Down Tea

calm the fuck down tea


A relaxing blend of chamomile, liquorice and lemon. This herbal tea will surely calm your senses down.

A Sweet Dish Towel

hilarious gifts towel mothers day

Holy cow! Get your dish towel now.

Or A Sassy Dish Towel

hilarious gifts dish towel

Get this sassy dish towel and mark your territory!

Little Box of Obscenities Kit

hilarious gifts little box of obscenities

Even mothers need to vent out their frustrations from time to time. If she can’t express the words verbally, she can express them in fridge magnet tiles. Magnetic Poetry features its Little Box of Obscenities that contains 72 magnetic tiles.

The Most Straightforward Coasters

hilarious gifts coasters

MC Pressure

Every person’s worst nightmare is a messy table. So, let this letterpress coaster give those mess creators an important reminder.

The Realest Chocolate There Ever Was

hilarious gifts mothers day chocolate

Get this delicious bar of strawberry and cream chocolate today.

A Swear Word Coloring Book For Adults

coloring books for adults

Who says coloring books are for kids only? Coloring books can be an effective stress-reliever in adults too. Throw in some cuss words and everything becomes more delightful.  Get this coloring books for adults now.

Bitchin’ 11-Ounce Mug

bitchin mug

A coffee mug has never been this cool… and savage. Get yours now.

The Best Ceramic Spoon Rest

hilarious gifts spoon rest

Lenny Mud

For those who are not fond of cooking, this ceramic spoon rest is for you.

F*cking Strong Coffee Liqueur

fucking strong coffee liquer


Coffee is, without a doubt, everyone’s best friend. Now try to spice up your usual coffee with this full-bodied coffee blended with liquorice, molasses, and cocoa. Get your bottle today.

Granny PottyMouth’s Fast as F*ck Cookbook

granny pottymouth cookbook

Add more sassy spices into your cooking with this bad-ass grandma cookbook.

A Mug For Her Afternoon Tea

hilarious gifts ladylike mug

We Are Paper Plane

Whether it’s for her morning coffee or afternoon tea, this Ladylike MF Mug will certainly make every woman’s day brighter. This ceramic mug is available on Etsy.

A+ Oven Mitt

oven mitt fucking delicious

When your mother’s cooking is so delicious that you can’t help but swear. Get this oven mitt today.

Strong AF Coffee Chocolate Beans

fucking strong coffee chocolate beans


Get yourself hooked with these crunchy, chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Loving Oven Mitt

hilarious gifts oven mitt asshole kids

Moms will be moms. They will still love their kids regardless of how they turn out to be. This oven mitt shows a mother’s unconditional love for her a-hole kids.

A Straight-To-The-Point Welcome Mat

straightforward welcome mat

Be There in Five

Your guests will know what to do when they see this welcome mat. Be straight-to-the-point and hilarious as well with this funny doormat. Get your doormat here.

Happy F*cking Whatever Prosecco

hilarious gifts personalized wine bottle


Firebox offers a bottle of sparkling wine with a personalized label. You can greet your loved ones with Happy F*cking Whatever and let them indulge in this bubbly Prosecco wine.

Another Straight-Shooting Travel Mug

travel mug no fucks given

Knotwork Shop

Starbucks mugs just got some real competition with this sarcastic coffee mug.

If you enjoyed these funny swear gifts then you need to see this list of delicate and offensive teacups!

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