25 People Who Were Given Surprising Gifts

Who doesn’t love surprises? Well, actually quite a few people can’t stand them! But, it’s often those people that hate being taken off guard, that make the best targets. Here we have 25 people who were given surprising gifts. Take a look and enjoy!

Where else can you find supportive workmates who would do something like this?

A gift from grandma dearest. She gets the trend.

A gift that very well tells the future.

Some people would kill for a frozen Han Solo on their fridge!

Time to spend money wisely.

Imagine how disappointed this guy had been after knowing it was only a gift card.

When you decide to give someone a lovely batch of roses…

The same kind of present every year…they know you too well.

The perfect cake for when only 1 out of 3 brothers passed the driving test.

This guy is 31. He got all these Christmas presents from his grandmother… I only got a Christmas card.

 After almost 10 years of dating and this is what you get.

This guy is up to something…

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The kind of present meant to be passed on from generation to generation…

It’s always better to carry around an extra… you’ll never know when you’re gonna need one.

When your mom knows what your favorite sneakers are.

Best gift ever!

The perfect gift for someone’s annoyed at you.

He got his wife a Chewbacca jacket… I can tell she’s pretty excited about it.

The kind of birthday cake for vegan friends.

Not really a fan of spiders…

Giving your technology-loving friend a piece of history.

Adorable gifts from your best buds!

While everyone is having kids, you’re just happy with living cats. Hence, the mug gift.

He’s been feeding crows at the patio in his workplace…these are what he gets in return.