15 Funny Ways Humor Boosts Creativity and Imagination

This perceptual flexibility allows them to quickly think on their feet and brings them one step ahead of the rest. Here is our collection of some photos showing how humor boosts creativity. People often underestimate the power of fun and humor. But little did we know that a good sense of humor can develop a more creative mind. A funny joke or a good prank requires intellectual agility in order to successfully pull it off.  Success always favors the funny because people with sense of humor are willing to push their creativity to the fullest. Sit back, relax, and let these creative people fill your day with laughter.


Creative people can make any ordinary thing more amusing.

This dam-inspired curry dish is so innovative. Can we just stare at it and not eat it?

The different layers of the beach captured in one photo.

This lamp is not looking for hookups in this dating site. If you are interested with it, you can buy it.

Beware! This creepy peephole can see you!

Knitting never looked this yummy.

Whoever did this just gave basketball a new purpose.

Are you craving for sushi but can’t afford to buy expensive fish?

Have you ever wonder what’s going on inside the mind of a goofy person? These photos will show you how sense of humor boosts creativity in people.



Adding some elegant touch to your typical office cubicle.

Disability is no excuse. Anyone can be fashionable if they want to.

Life’s purpose is all about connection.

Staying faithful to the design.

Play hard, goof off harder.

Saving up for your dream vacations.

Here’s one happy headlight.

We can feel the pain by its expression.