21 Funny Gifts That Were Truly Unexpected

Gifts are given to show some love and appreciation to someone. Sometimes, fancy gifts are given, while other times, they are out of this world.  This is when funny gifts come as an option. There will always be that one friend who thinks outside of the box. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Below are some proof that people can get so creative, especially at times like these.

  1. Gotta respect and admire the thoughtfulness of these honest parents.

2. To make every teachers’ life more tolerable and easier.

3. Where can we get a boss like this?

4. Troll brother level: 99999.

5. Perfect gift when you share each other’s birthday. Relationship goals right there.

6. “Happy birthday! We’ve had enough of you. We love you!”- Parents

7. What a wonderful thing to know that your dad is proud you succeeded at something.

8. Stick ’em with the pointy end!

9. Brothers always have the coolest gift ideas.

10. Whatever you want, whatever you get.

11. Nothing like a good reminder every morning on how you look like when you were still a kid.

12. Would you look at how huge that rock is. Now, this will really turn heads.

13.  When you’ve been begging your other half to get a dog, and on Christmas Day, you receive this gift.

14. Good to know your friend really cares about your diet.

15.  When you just want a cute picture of your dog to gift your wife, but got this look instead.

16.  When your students got a little extra for your wedding gift.

17. When you fear for the Godzilla apocalypse, but still think of your sister’s safety.

18. Because you can never go wrong with a gift that is cat- related.

19. Would employees be more hard-working if keyboards actually look like this?

20. Sweeter and younger as the years go by.

21. Instant trampoline care of the ever thoughtful neighbor.

Don’t you just love it when a certain celebration bring out the genius in you?