Delicate And Offensive Teacups That Will Insult Your Guests In A Classy Manner

We all have guests over at times that we’d rather them not be there. However, following polite societal rules, most of us do not express our true feelings. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could deliver a negative message in a classy way? Well, Melissa Johnson, the creator of “Miss Havisham’s”, has thought of a solution. Melissa has created a range of offensive teacups that possess some rather insulting words and phrases. These unique pieces are perfect for messing with both friends and enemies alike. Take a look below to see some examples!
Website: MissHavishamsCuriosities

At least it doesn’t say “I have poisoned you”! 

Offensive Teacups i could poison you

The cups range in price starting at around $60.

Offensive Teacups i hope you choke

We love this one! 

Offensive Teacups insignificant other

It is stated on Miss Havisham’s website “a wise woman once told me ‘if you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out’, by far, our favorite way to release it is by stewing over a scalding cup of tea”.

Offensive Teacups kindly f off

The cups are available in blue, yellow or aqua and each one comes with a saucer and a strong dose of truth. 

Offensive Teacups no one likes you

You can order the offensive teacups individually or in a set. 

Offensive Teacups odious

There are currently 8 sayings available for purchase, with more on the way. 

Offensive Teacups please go die

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These unique pieces would make wonderful gifts for those special people in your lives. 

Offensive Teacups stop talking

Unfortunately, shipping is to United States addresses only.

Offensive Teacups such a nasty woman

Furthermore, it is stated on their website that anything purchased during December can not be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. 

Offensive Teacups witch

We wish we could own all of these fabulous teacups! 

Offensive Teacups youll do

Not only are the sayings brilliant, but the product is also finished to the highest quality. 

Offensive Teacups bad witch good witch

We can’t wait to see what other designs come out in the future! 

Offensive Teacups head on plate

Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

Offensive Teacups drink up wifey