You Can Get A Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener That Meows As You Sharpen

2020 may be the Year of the White Metal Rat but cats can still play! And since it’s the new year, you may be thinking of a fun way to update your office or study space. If you happen to be fond of cats, you’re probably in the market for a way to include them in your space without having a Dolores Umbridge vibe. Funnily enough, Luckies of London have a cat butt sharpener that meows when used.

Your mouth’s probably gaping right now. And we understand. All our lives, we’ve always stuck the pencil in the front of the sharpener, never the hind! And it’s never come in the form of a cat before! Luckies’ shocking design inspired by our feline friend’s fondness for showing their hiney. And we are just as amused as we are weirded out by it.

Black Cat Pencil Sharpener


This Cat Butt Sharpener comes in black and white

Red pencil in white cat sharperner's butt



Pencil in Cat Sharpener's Butt


You sharpen the pencil in the cat’s butt

front of the cat sharpener


This hilarious pencil sharpening tool emits a meowing sound whenever a pencil is inserted in its posterior. Now, we can’t say exactly if the meow’s from glee or protest, but hopefully it’s the former. To make it meow, you’ll need to wind the pencil until you feel you’ve achieved the perfect sharpness. You can also choose between getting this cat-shaped pencil sharpener in black or white. But more importantly, the pencil shavings that emerge from its belly are caught by its own kitty litter box.

cat sharpener hind detail


It has its own litter box to catch your pencil shavings

bottom detail of cat sharpener



black cat butt sharpener with pencil shavings in litter tray


It will meow while you’re sharpening your pencil in its bum

packaging of the cat sharp-end-er


black cat butt sharpener

Judging by the reviews this item’s gathered so far, we can tell that it’s made a lot of people happy. One reviewer even wrote that “the sound of the meow from the other side of the office whenever someone sharpens a pencil” always makes them crack up! We don’t always need an occasion to buy things, right? This will surely make any cat lover’s desk more interesting. Get yours today!