You Can Now Get A Giant Croc-Shaped Bed For Your Slipper-Loving Dog

There is something about slippers that dogs love so much. It is for this reason that this giant slipper pet bed was created. A common scenario for many dog owners is to wake up every morning to discover that their slippers have been stolen, or worse all chewed up. The culprit? It’s none other than their beloved puppies. But why do pups love to hide or chew on slippers?

Some claim that puppies are tempted by the scent of slippers because they smell like their owners. Since dogs really love the smell of their humans, they tend to be drawn towards their owner’s belongings. Of course, this include shoes and slippers.


So, when they get the chance they will sniff and sniff your slippers until they become extremely tempted to chew. Furthermore, pups often use their mouths to investigate interesting things they come across. There’s nothing that could catch their interest more than your shoes or slippers. If your pup can’t get enough of slippers, you might want to give this bed a try.


giant slipper pet bed


As the name suggests, this comfy pet bed takes the shape of an oversized slipper, and a Croc slipper to boot. It features a lightweight, non-slip base made from non-toxic and odor-resistant material. Resembling the iconic clog shoes, the bed also has holes at the top and the side to allow proper airflow. Simply wipe the base to clean.


giant slipper pet bed base


To use it as a pet bed, place the removable faux fleece lining to provide a comfy abode for your little companion. The snug lining will keep your pets cool in summer and warm in winter Hence, making it a perfect pet bed for all seasons. Plus, the plush lining is machine washable to ensure that your pet’s space is clean and fresh. This bed measures 26 inches long, 10 inches tall and 13 inches wide. It is ideal for small to medium pets.


This giant slipper pet bed features a Croc-style base and a removable faux fleece lining

croc-style base and removable fleece lining


sasquatch pet bed pink


soft faux fleece lining


Not just for dogs, this Croc-shaped pet bed is also perfect for your feline pets, no matter how finicky they are. Featuring a pink color, it can be a charming addition to your home décor. You can find the giant slipper pet bed here but they are currently out of stock which is actually a bummer. You can check back regularly and be the first to see when they’re back in stock.  One satisfied customer wrote:


“What a super little bed this is, I think it’s such a clever idea. You can clean it whenever you need to, cover and the bed itself, and it keeps your pet nice and snug. And looks really nice too. Fab!!!”


giant slipper pet bed for cats and dogs


croc-shaped bed for pets

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