50 Times People’s Food Orders Were Hilariously Misunderstood

It happens to the best of us – you give your order to the waiter and they later bring you the wrong food. Then you realize that your order was clearly misunderstood by the waiter. Having the wrong plate served to your table can be frustrating, especially when you’re really starving. But sometimes, orders that are misheard or taken too literally are just too funny not to laugh at.

Everyone has experienced not getting what they ordered. Have you ever asked to add pickles into your burger and was shocked to see pecans (nuts) in between the buns? Or have you ever asked for a coffee with cream just to have a cup of coffee and a cup of whipped cream served to you separately? How badly has your order been misheard or taken too literally?


Misunderstood Food Orders That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh At

Well, waiters and baristas make mistakes sometimes because no one is perfect. So, a good rule of thumb is to say your orders very clearly and be specific. If you need to tell the waiter to mix the coffee and creamer to make coffee with cream then do so. But if you love surprises then you might enjoy being served with these little mistakes from time to time.

Here are some hilarious examples of wrong orders preserved for everyone to enjoy. Bon appetit!


“Asked For ‘Nothing’ As Dessert On A Disney Cruise. Got This Masterpiece”


“After A Huge Meal (Schweinshaxe) In Berlin I Asked For Just A Small Beer. This Is What The Waiter Brought Me”


“So I Ordered A Lettuce Burger Thinking It Would Come On Two Pieces Of Lettuce.”


“Ordered A Coffee With Bailey’s”


Getting What You Asked For


“Went To McDonald’s And Ordered An ‘Ice-Cream Sandwich’ Out Of Boredom. They Delivered”


Order Failed


“My Husband Asked Hardee’s To Put Extra Frosting On His Cinnamon Biscuit”


“I Ordered Double Pepperoni.”


“Ordered A Strawberry Pomegranate Mango Margarita. Got A Strawberry, Pomegranate, And Mango Margarita”


Be More Specific


“My Friend Ordered A Large Pizza With 8 Cheese Sticks. Apparently, The Lady On The Phone Heard Differently”


“Friend Ordered An Affogato. Waiter Didn’t Know What It Was. She Said You Put A Scoop Of Ice-Cream On Top Then Pour Espresso Over It. this Is What She Got”


“My Cousin’s Friend Ordered A Chicken Burger And Asked For Mayo On The Top And Bottom, This Is What She Got”


More Funny Food Orders


“My Brothers In Nairobi Went Out For A Meal And Ordered Cheesy Onion Rings”


“So My Friend Ordered A Fruit Salad In A Restaurant In Marrakesh”


“Ordered A Pepperoni Pizza, Got A Pepperoni, With A Pizza”


“I Ordered A Coke With An Extra Cup For The Kids. This Is What I Got”


Be Careful What You Wish For


“When I Ordered A Small, This Is Not What I Had In Mind.”


“Ordered Coffee With Cream In Germany And This Is What I Got”


“So I Asked For Extra Pickles Today At Subway.”


“Ordered A Cheeseburger With Only Ketchup. This Is What I Got”


“Just Got Bella Italia Delivered. I Ordered A Side Of Chips To Come With It. What I Actually Got Was A Side Of Chocolate Chips”


Orders Taken Too Literally


“She Asked For Sour Cream On The Side”


“Ordered A Blueberry Muffin. Got 1 Blueberry. I Didn’t Expect The Description To Be So Accurate”


“So I Ordered An Ice Cream Sandwich In Thailand… This Is What They Gave Me”


“Went To Wendy’s For Lunch And Asked For Extra Onion In My Chili. I Guess This Counts”


Food Orders That Are Terribly Misunderstood


“Asked For Extra Mayo In My Sandwich, Got This”


“A Little Bit Of Something”


“So I Asked For Cheese Fries With My Burger”


“Milkshake In A Box”


“Asked For A Side Of Cheese For My Nachos And Got This”


“What I Ordered: Chicken And Waffles. What I Got? Bukkaffles”


Coconut Water


“I Ordered 5 Extra Peppers”


“I Ordered Four Tacos At My University Dining Hall. This Is How They Were Given To Me”


Just… Plain


“I’m A Texan Living In France. I Stopped At A Café And Ordered A Taco”


Totally Misunderstood…


“Should’ve Been More Specific”


“Don’t Make Special Orders At Taco Bell”


“Make Your Own Lemonade”