Chicken Owners Everywhere Need These Hilarious Egg Cartons

What’s not to love about chickens? They are lovely creatures that can make charming pets. And they can give you fresh eggs every morning for a healthy breakfast. We bet no other pets can provide that same luxury. In order to pay tribute to their daily offerings, it’s only fitting to use something extraordinary in storing their newly laid eggs. And by ‘extraordinary’, we mean ‘hilarious’. How about putting the fresh eggs in hilarious egg cartons with funny labels? Would that make our chickens happy? We highly doubt that, assuming that they already know where their unborn babies would end up. But these funny plastic egg containers with silly labels will surely make our mornings brighter.

hilarious egg cartons funny labels

This Etsy shop offers reusable plastic egg containers that feature comical and silly phrases. The best thing about these hilarious egg cartons is that you can choose which funny label to put on each of them. Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets, My Pet Poops Breakfast, Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers, Laid In The USA, and many more silly ideas to choose from. If you’re not impressed with the list of suggestions, you can personalize your own phrase and write it down on the details. So, if you want to put a serious message or an inspiring quote printed on the container, you’re free to do so. You can also opt to place the name or logo of your company on the egg cartons.

hilarious egg cartons silly phrases
PurdyPrintsNGifts | Etsy

Each container holds up to 12 eggs and is made of plastic. You can buy these hilarious egg cartons today. But if you already have plastic containers, you can buy the decal only. The decals are made using oracal permanent outdoor vinyl and you can choose which specific color to use for the label.

hilarious egg cartons etsy personalized decals

You can get your hands on this one via The Blu Hummingbird Etsy store.


hilarious egg cartons personalized labels


hilarious egg cartons funny decals


etsy hilarious egg cartons silly phrases


etsy hilarious egg cartons funny labels

Check out other options here to find more listings offering hilarious egg cartons. Collecting and transporting your chicken eggs will never be the same again with these funny egg containers. You can later reward your chickens with a swing set for their productivity.