This Chicken Coop Dishwasher Cover Is A Must-Have For Chicken Lovers

Tired of the way your trusty dishwasher looks? We can all probably agree that dishwashers are indispensable additions to our homes. After all, it saves us from having to manually scrub every dish, piece of cutlery, cup, pot or pan we’ve used after every meal! Naturally, the more you use the dishwasher, it’s inevitable for it to accumulate scratches and other signs of wear. Most of these signs of usage can be negligible, but sometimes it can be really hard to ignore. Luckily, if you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a farmhouse-themed makeover, we’ve found this chicken coop dishwasher cover that’s sure to complete your vision!

This cover is definitely something any chicken coop owner, chicken farmer and chicken lover will love to have in their home. Urban enthusiasts who can’t keep pets let alone chickens in their apartment will also surely adore this charming dishwasher cover too! It’s sure to make a fun conversation starter as well. Honestly, we don’t see any downsides to this.

chicken coop dishwasher cover with no custom name
DesignFull Inc.


simulation of the chicken coop-printed dishwasher cover
DesignFull Inc.


This chicken coop dishwasher cover is sure to make your kitchen extra cluckin’ cute

The dishwasher cover is designed and sold by San Francisco, California-based print company, DesignFull. The cover features five chickens that appear as though they are peaking from inside their coop. Three of the featured chickens have brown feathers, two are white and all have a comically curious expression on their faces. And in addition to the chickens, you can also choose to customize the name printed at the top of their window. You can have anything printed onto your cover, as long as it only has up to 20 letters, to make the cover really personal.

chicken coop dishwasher cover with custom name
DesignFull Inc.

According to DesignFull, the dishwasher cover is made of industrial grade PVC film. The material is ideal for industrial use, as it can resist damage for a long time. It’s relatively easy to apply and to maintain. All you’ll really need to do is wipe it clean every now and then! You also won’t need to say goodbye to your fowl-printed cover in case you need to replace your current dishwasher. You can simply remove the cover from the dishwasher and re-apply it to your new dishwasher. DesignFull offers the charming chicken coop cover in two sizes: 23W x 17H or 23W x 26H. So make sure to measure your dishwasher before placing your order! Get it here now.