Apparently Chickens Wearing Tutus Is Now A Thing And They Look Adorable

Pet owners love to dress up their pets to make them look more adorable. Kitties in custom clothes and puppies in stylish dresses are a common sight in pet shows and on Instagram. And we’ve got to admit, pets in clothes are absolutely the cutest thing in the world. Of course, chicken lovers also have something to say to that. And by chicken lovers, we mean those people who dearly love chickens as pets and NOT as foods.  Well, it turns out that you can have chickens as pets too. For some people, chickens are lovely animals that possess distinctive beauty that is like no other. If cats and dogs can be dressed up with pretty clothes, chickens could also have that. That’s exactly what’s happening now with the newest trend – chickens in tutus.

Chickens are gorgeous as they are. But when they’re in their tutus, their cuteness multiplies tenfold. On Instagram, photos of chickens in tutus are spreading like wildfire and there’s no stopping them from taking the spotlight. Several chicken lovers are joining the new craze as they accessorize their beloved fowls with colorful, fashionable tutu skirts. And just like that, anyone can turn their favorite chickens into stunning ballerinas.

We’ve scoured Instagram and picked out the most adorable photos of chickens in tutus that we could find. Take a look at these charming ballerinas that will surely brighten up your day.









Chickens in tutus are now taking over Instagram













Do you have chickens as pets? Don’t be the last to dress them up in tutus and flaunt their photos on Instagram too. If you’re looking for something awesome for your pet chicken, you may want to check out this chicken harness. Or satisfy your fascination with chickens with this chicken photobook featuring the most beautiful chickens in the world.