You Can Now Get Your Chickens A Full-On Playground For Them To Enjoy This Summer

Because chickens also deserve an enjoyable playtime, you need to get this chicken swing and let them have all the fun they want. Being a responsible owner to domestic pets entails making sure that they stay fit and healthy. This is why it’s important to walk them and play with them on a regular basis in order to keep them physically fit. Of course, this also applies to chicken as much as it does to cats and dogs. So, if other pet owners are getting indoor playgrounds for their cats and dogs, you can also do the same for your beloved chickens.

amish made chicken swing set

Having chicken as a pet is the latest fad right now. This is mainly because more and more people are becoming aware of the gorgeousness of these flightless birds. Chickens are indeed taking the internet by storm. From posing as stunning models in a photobook to becoming ballerinas in tutus, chickens are now becoming the new “it” animal on the internet. Well, unless kitties can make a huge comeback to reclaim the title.

Seems like there’s no stopping the chickens in becoming the new favorite pets. As a matter of fact, pet essentials such as chicken stroller and chicken harness are now a thing. And here’s another must-haves for all chicken owners out there. This new chicken swing allows your chicken to enjoy their free range time swinging to their heart’s content. It is a swing set so there’s no need to find a spot to hang it from. Simply place it on the ground and let your chickens have the time of their lives.

the chicken network etsy chicken swing set


the chicken network amish made chicken swing set


chicken monkey bars


chicken seesaw

According to the product description, each chicken swing is handcrafted by a Pennsylvania Amish family. The handmade swing set features white-painted wood frame and a red seat attached to a white rope. Specifically designed for chickens, the chicken swing is low enough to the ground so they can easily access it.  You can buy this swing set on Etsy. If you want to complete the chicken playground, there are also monkey bars and seesaw for chickens available for purchase.

Source: Etsy