Artist Eszter Anna Vörös Creates Stunning Dream-Like Drawings


Hungarian artist Eszter Anna Vörös draws the most beautiful and ethereal works of art. Her pieces have an amazing dream-like feel to them, which isn't surprising because the first picture that she drew in this style was inspired by a dream she had. When Eszter first started out drawing these types of pictures, she used just black ink, but now she often incorporates color into her work. On the subject of her drawings, Eszter writes…

''Some have said my works bear resemblance to those of Tim Burton, or even Salvador Dalí. Although I am inspired by other artists’ works and my personal experience, I always try to stay focused on finding and perfecting my own, unique style. I also intend to make pictures that tell stories, about the relationship of nature and people, animals and people, and human experiences which occur between people.''

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These drawings have such a magical quality to them. They make you feel as though you've been transported to another world.

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