Daughter Posts Hilarious Messages From Her Crazy Jewish Mom

Some of you reading this will have heard of ‘Crazy Jewish Mom’ before. What started out as a simple page dedicated to sharing the hilarious conversations between a mom and a daughter, ended up becoming a wonderful full time venture for Kate Siegal (daughter). We love how honest, amusing and savage these messages are! The mother and daughter duo clearly have a wonderful relationship. Take a look and see if you recognize anything your own mother would say!
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Mom is so desperate for some grand babies!

Burn. When your mom tells you to get some friends, she’s right. 

‘But I won’t eat him I love him!’ Brilliant. 

Well Kate, you walked right in to that one! 

We wonder how Kate’s partner feels about these kinds of messages! 

We just love Crazy Jewish Mom. Her sense of humor is priceless. 

Number 4 is pretty good going, to be fair. 

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A genius code to have with mothers who have always dyed their hair! 

If only we could have seen their reactions! 

If this is a real thing, parents everywhere are going to go crazy for this app! 

Another quick and witty response! Crazy Jewish Mom is always on fire! 

If more people were upfront like this, many people would save their money! 

We would have loved to watched mom saying all of that! 

What a rude stranger! Well done, Crazy Jewish Mom, you never cease to amaze us!