Funny Pictures Of Kids That Prove It’s Wrong To Leave Them Alone

Kids are very curious by nature. They want to discover everything. At times, they are way too curious, so leaving them alone even for a couple of minutes is not a good idea, as you can see from these funny pictures of kids. Oftentimes, disasters can happen when they’re on their own, but those innocent little looks they give you are enough to melt your heart and refrain from telling them off.

Here we have some funny pictures of kids that prove it’s wrong to leave them alone. Because kids know how to drive their parents crazy at the best of times!


When your kid’s ambition in life is to become a Smurf.

“I just want to help you, Dad.”

When make-up is your passion.

When the monitor is a better drawing book.

This is probably a glimpse of their future career.

When your child is a future body art model. Work it girl!


Funny pictures of kids are appearing everywhere these days. When your kid is trying to look like you.

When your remote control needs a make-over.

“The dog was hungry.”

Hilarious pictures of kids being mischievous

Art is so cool.

They were left alone for just a few seconds and this is what happens.

When little kids already know their place.

When you don’t want technology to grab your mother’s attention.

“We need to recycle.”

“It’s for an art project.”

When you’re learning how to bake a cake.

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

“We’re bathing and doing laundry at the same time.”

When you want your dad to remember you love him always.

An accurate representation of life in general.

Never leave your kid alone.