Kids Crying For The Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever

Kids are probably the cutest things in the world, but there’s nothing more ear piercing than the annoying noise of kids crying for stupid reasons. Most of the time, the reason behind their tears are so silly that we can’t help but giggle. If you are a parent, you understand how unpredictable kids can be, at the best of times. They can be calm for one moment, and suddenly their moods explode in an instance. But this is what makes babies irresistibly adorable. We have gathered some of the funniest photos of kids crying for the most ridiculous reasons ever. Take a look.


Hooray! Dad finally found a drinking buddy.


The dog is certainly not his best friend today.


This kid represents all of us when we’re in a tough situation and can’t find a way out.


Maybe you can just ask your Mommy to buy you one.


Kids really can get upset for no reason at all. I mean…really?


You are one big bad microwave.


Kids crying in the supermarket is the inevitable! Hitchhiking a shopping cart is clearly unacceptable.


Children crying for stupid reasons


Discovering a truth is one painful experience.


The ball isn’t even trying its best to hide.


When a kid is allergic to her own brother.


We get it! Sometimes we cry when the food takes too long! And sometimes we get angry, too!

kids crying

Some kids would attempt to do the impossible. Do you think he needs a hand? Or some tips?


And cookie time is ruined… just like that.


The face we make when we’re so close to achieving our dreams yet we miserably fail.


Why does it always have to be cold? Why can’t it be hot for a change?