You Can Now Get Kids Air Forts That Inflate In Seconds For Plenty Of Fun Indoors

We bet we could all agree that building forts is one of the best parts of our childhood. Back then, having our own little kingdom in the big world was simply bliss. However, we also can’t deny that building one was a challenging and tedious activity. We all dreaded gathering blankets, pillows and all sorts of furniture just to prop them up into a tiny house. Well, lucky for kids these days, because, with Air Forts, all it takes is literally just air to build their own fortresses.

As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable play tent that you could set up using a simple box fan. It features an opening for the fan, so you could easily fill it with air. In addition, it comes with four adhesive strips to help you attach it securely to the fan. And the best part? It inflates in less than 30 seconds! So, it makes the perfect makeshift playhouse for your kids or siblings and you can set it up in an instant.

Kids Gathered Around Inflatable Play Tent


Girl Entering Inflatable Play Tent


3 Kids Reading Books Inside Inflatable Play Tent


Boys Playing Inside Inflatable Play Tent

Made of light polyester, the tent is perfectly breathable and durable. It measures 77″ wide and 50″ tall, so it’s fairly large in size. In fact, it can even fit several kids, or even kids at heart, inside along with their toys. When inflated, it simply hovers above the ground, allowing easy entry and exit. All you have to do is lift any edge of the fort to create a passageway.

Boy Playing with Toy Cars Inside Inflatable Play Tent


Kids Inside Jungle Camo Air Fort


Girl Playing with Inflatable Play Tent


Boy Coming Out of Inflatable Play Tent

The tent also features a large viewing window, so adults can easily monitor the children as they play inside. There’s also a mesh divider inside that prevents kids from accessing the fan. Additionally, this divider regulates the airflow inside to keep the fort stable.

2 Kids Playing with Toy Trains


Air Fort See-through Mesh


Boy Inside Air Fort

Children of all ages would surely love this inflatable play tent. But adults might love it even more because both its setup and cleanup are a breeze. Moreover, it certainly looks a lot more visually pleasing than typical DIY forts.

Kids Setting Up Inflatable Play Tent


3 Kids Inside Jungle Camo Air Fort


Boys Sitting Outside an Inflatable Play Tent


Kids Inside Ocean Camo Inflatable Play Tent

Plus, it comes with a drawstring bag where you could store it when not in use. So, it doesn’t take up much space. And at the same time, you could easily take it with you on sleepovers and family trips.

Boy Carrying Air Fort Bag


Air Fort Packaging


Air Fort Drawstring Bag Packaging

The forts come in a wide variety of colors and designs. These include Digital Camo, Green, Pink/White, Beach Ball Blue, Creamsicle Orange, Gray/White and Ocean Camo. They’re perfect for playdates, storytime, hosting birthday parties or simply bonding moments with your kids or siblings. Aside from making playtime fun again, having one of these play tents could also help limit children’s screen time.

Digital Camo Air Fort


Jungle Camo Air Fort


Pink and White Air Fort


Beach Ball Blue Air Fort


Creamsicle Orange Air Fort


Gray and White Air Fort


Ocean Camo Air Fort

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